of Washtenaw County
3 to 4 years

Our preschool rooms provide a structured environment with lots of flexibility for children to choose their play and learning environments.

We have chosen to use the researched-based HighScope curriculum because it is uniquely designed to provide a rich academic foundation while promoting independence, decision-making, cooperation, creativity, and problem-solving in young children.

Our classrooms are designed to promote calm and creativity.  Children follow a daily routine which adds predictability in an often unpredictable world. This intentional environment increases the well-being of all children, allowing for room to learn and grow.

Giraffe Room: 3 to 4 years

Sophie Tomasi

Associate Teacher

April Krey

Lead Teacher

Penguin Room: 3 to 4 years

Amanda Shukwit

Lead Teacher

Leoni Tiglao

Associate Teacher

Foundations Preschool is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). This accreditation offers the assurance that we hire qualified teachers who are committed and capable of addressing the cognitive, emotional, physical, social and language developmental needs of every child enrolled in our care.

What does Foundations Preschool provide?

We serve breakfast, lunch, and snacks daily to nourish healthy bodies and minds (parents can opt out of the food program and provide their child’s lunch).  Foundations also provides sunscreen during the warmer months. If your child is not toilet-trained, families provide diapers/pull-ups and wipes.

What is your ratio?


What is your curriculum?

We use the HighScope curriculum, which was developed through research and knowledge from all areas of child development. Emphasizing active learning and a consistent routine, the curriculum allows children to make choices throughout the day. This curriculum offers children many opportunities for positive interactions with other children and adults – and focuses on the development of the whole child (social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language). HighScope lays a foundation for children to move seamlessly from Foundations Preschool to Kindergarten with appropriate beginner skills in math, reading readiness, science, and social awareness.

Learn more at the HighScope site.

Will there be an opportunity for my child to go outside?

Foundations Preschool has two large outdoor preschool playgrounds and a garden for children to exercise, play and explore nature. Children will go outside daily.

What are your hours?

Hours for Preschool and Pre-K are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Does my child need to be fully toilet-trained?

Children who are not fully comfortable using the toilet may wear pull-ups.  We will work with the family on the toilet-training process.

How do you keep parents/guardians up to date on their child’s day?

Each classroom uses Class Dojo to update families about their child’s day. Teachers share artwork, pictures, and class happenings daily. Foundations also shares school closings, community events, and other important information on Class Dojo.

Is there an opportunity to discuss my child’s progress?

There are two scheduled home visits and two conferences each school year.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, we offer in-house scholarships. We accept DHHS/CDC, Child Care Network, and other outside scholarships that can be paired with our own scholarship offerings.

Daily schedule

  • Arrival/Work Time
  • Breakfast
  • Cleanup/Bathroom Transition time
  • Message Board
  • Large Group
  • Small Group Transition
  • Plan Do Review
  • Transition/Bathroom
  • Outside/Indoor Gross Motor
  • Lunch
  • Rest Time/Bathroom
  • Snack
  • Schedule
  • Plan Do Review
  • Clean-Up/Transition
  • Large Group/Read Aloud
  • Outside/Bathroom
  • PM Snack/Small Group